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Zion Canyoneering II: Pine Scented Train

*If you have not read Zion Canyoneering I: Key to Narnia, please do. This is part II of that trip.

Hungry. We'd planned on an long day and eating dinner in town, but long became prolonged . Arriving at the truck half way between sunset and sunrise meant there wasn't an open door to be found in town, nor a warm meal.

Back at camp, Keri and I fired up our heater while warming up leftovers and took hot showers. We cracked a beer. Maybe two.

Looking through Rita's windows, Travis and Amanda dumped anything wet on the ground and climbed into their truck bed. They wrapped themselves in puffy down everything while wolfing smoked salmon from a foil packet and yogurt for dinner. Keri and I could see their breath.

For a second, I almost felt bad and considered inviting them inside. A gong from the tailgate squelched the thought and their lights. Exhausted.

We initially planned to complete our longest, most challenging canyon on day three of our trip, giving Amanda and Travis ample…

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Zion Canyoneering: Key to Narnia