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Kilimanjaro: Day 1 and 2

Part I of this trip can be found HERE

Our van turned right at a sign reading Kilimanjaro National Park, Machame Gate and the road steepened. As we ascended, large leafed trees blurred past our widows with sizable growths hanging from their tops. Bananas. Mixed in with bananas were coffee farms, some of which supplied the beans for the cups of coffee we slurped down only 90 minutes prior. Interestingly, as we drove higher, leaving the brown valleys below, forests grew thicker and more lush. Kilimanjaro being a massive beast protruding 17,000ft above surrounding lands, creates its own weather patterns and the lower slopes are a true rain forest. Though we were there in the dry season, daily rains were not unexpected.
As our guides filled out paper work, our team of ten porters bundled gear and headed up the mountain. We anxiously sat with knees knocking, eating a boxed lunch of freshly prepared chicken, fruit, sandwiches, boiled egg and juice, watching our bags leave without us.

This was …

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