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Kilimanjaro: Top to Bottom

This is the fourth installment of our Mt. Kilimanjaro adventure. Parts I, II, III
We didn't rise to our alarm's shrill buzz at 12:30am. I'd already turned it off an hour or more before when excitement and the noise of other groups departing for the summit woke us. Due to our performance the preceding five days, John and Emmanuel were confident that we could sleep an extra 90 minutes and still reach Kilimanjaro's summit for sunrise. No one voiced any resistance to that news!

Keri remained in her sleeping bag while I eased outside to get a sense of the conditions. Crystal clear, calm, and cold, though not as cold as expected. Merely 4,000ft (1200M) above, moonlight illuminated Kili's silvery-blue summit glaciers. A string of white dots moved upwards like vines climbing a lattice. Travis’ back-end appeared less than gracefully from his tent, soon proceeded by Kyle. Keri roused herself from our fabric home.

“Does this water look funny to you guys?” quipped Kyle.
It was ta…

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