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Rita Roadtrip: Bouncing

Unlike those Gummi Bears from a fondly remembered childhood cartoon, I no longer bounce upon hitting the ground. Nor do I drink a magic potion to induce bouncing. Now when meeting the earth in an unplanned rush, the symphony of alarm bells coursing throughout various body parts often takes longer to fade, delaying revelation of any damage worse than a dent. My magic potion comes after the fact, typically from a glass bottle or aluminum can. While enough of it may temporarily help me believe I bounced or can still bounce, my potion’s primary action is to blunt lingering physical and/or mental impressions from a body yielding to solid earth and sharp rock.

I can still competently bounce in another way. Place to place. With a trailer named Rita in tow and help from my wife.

Every weekend, the provincial park we camped at near Whistler would fill up with campers who made reservations far earlier than anticipated, leaving our trio spotless. This worked out in our favor; with Rita’s holding t…

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