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In a matter of days Keri and I will be embarking on a river trip through the Grand Canyon. For 17 days, we'll be blissfully lost to the outside world and it's distractions/expectations. We'll be hiking down to Phantom Ranch, carrying our 7lb Alpacka Rafts and joining some friends with their big rafts for the remaining 200ish miles to Pearce Ferry. As one friend recently said, "you're just jumping right into the deep end!" And he's right. Three miles into our river trip, with no warm up we meet Horn Creek rapid followed in quick succession by Granite, Hermit, and Crystal. Yep, the deep end. Keri and I are both nervous and excited. My trip down the Grand two years ago was life changing and I'm thrilled to share such a marvelous, magical place with my wife. In the spirit of river trips, I thought I'd create a photo essay of our last voyage, also on the Colorado, via Cataract Canyon. Since a good majority of colored characters from that trip are cu…

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