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Tracing Mesas: White Rim Bikepacking

Partially encircling Canyonlands National Park's Island in the Sky district lies 100 miles of off-road double track named the White Rim trail. So named because of a continuous ring of exposed white sandstone cliff, the trail traces a path outlining hundreds of finger-like mesas, occasionally venturing over steep knuckles when dictated by otherwise impassable terrain. Creases between these fingers lead water east into the Colorado River or west to the Green River. Mile upon mile edge of the abyss views, canyons,  rock towers, Martian geology, and billions of stars abound. 

Beautiful for certain, but not necessarily uncommon in this part of Utah.

What is uncommon is the accessibility to such a place. With a permit, the White Rim can be traveled by foot, bike, motorcycle, or 4x4 in a day or a week. Because of it's accessible rugged beauty, the White Rim is a popular destination for all of the aforementioned travelers; during spring and fall demand for permits often exceeds availabi…

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