Like a Fool in the Rain

Here I sit on a rainy day. Being unexpectedly called off work, up to early, and over-caffeinated finds me with time to do the weekly blog update. Gotta stick with the self-imposed goals. Good thing I've got something to share!

We've been paying for our 300+ days of sun recently. Heavy rains for the last few days have left our trails in sour shape and provided some comical (after the fact) experiences for a number of us.

Just the beginning

Rain and moisture are certainly good things, but I usually prefer to pay for my sunshine during the months when the day is too short and moisture comes in a less fluid state of matter.

Don't let the photos fool you and start thinking I'm out of bike mode. Far from it. With Big Mountain Enduro #4 coming up this weekend and being the series leader, I'm more focused than ever. Durango is the race I'm most excited about and is also the first race of my life I've put specific training into with a specific goal in mind. I want to win this race. Bad. Knowing my loose training plan of ride hard one day and easy the next wasn't going to cut it. Sure it worked for races of a shorter duration in the bike parks, but Durango is a different beast. Having ridden part of the course and researching last year's race times gave me a good idea of what it would take to win. Time for some self-inflicted misery. 25min threshold intervals. Uphill, downhill, flathill. Love em'. Hate em'. Will they be enough to beat the Durango locals at their own game? One way to find out.

New favorite

Training isn't without mishaps
First kayak descent of Holy Cross, anyone?


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