2 minute reviews

Reviews on products are pretty popular. Like the majority of folks, I don't make enough to buy whatever, whenever and spend a good deal of time looking for and reading reviews of a product the peaks my interest. So in the spirit of helping you spend that hard-earned money, I'm going to roll out some short reviews on whatever it is that pops into my mind on a given day.

Why call them 2 minute reviews? Because that's the amount of time it'll take to type them up (I'm a slow typer, so they're 5-10min reviews in reality.) (I'm also lacking in creativity this morning. If you have a better idea for a name, leave it in the comments.) Fast and easy, the American way. Most of them will be on smaller products that don't get all the glitter and glamor, but make a significant difference in my on the bike life. 

Lets get started

Halo Headband

I live in the desert. It gets hot and I sweat a lot. Sweat quickly overwhelms the pads in my helmet and I wind up spraying salt water all over my sunglasses. Then it's hard to see and then I crash. Hence, my excitement when I found this little gem. What's even better is that it works exactly as they claim it does. The rubber "gutter" directs sweat to the edges of your face and away from your eyes. I've done plenty of rides where I can wring this sucker out and fill a shot glass, but not have a single drop on my glasses. WIN

Bar Fly 3.0 MTB Mount

I enjoy having data to ride/train with. I like having that data in a place that is easily and reliably viewed. I use a Garmin Edge 510 and am pretty pleased with it, but the stock rubber band mounts leave something to be desired on the mountain bike. For one thing, it's a challenge to find a good spot on the bars where the computer isn't on a funky angle. I've also found that after a bit of trail riding, I look down expecting to see numbers and instead get a full moon view of the computer's backside. I then rotate the thing back up and a few minutes later it's down again. And finally, putting the mount on the bars leaves the computer nicely exposed to the hazards of a crash, as it protrudes from the bar more than any of the other controls.

Enter the Bar Fly 3.0. It solve all of the above issues. A plastic arm mounts around the bar and holds the computer directly over the stem/topcap. The computer doesn't budge and is always smiling at you from where it was originally positioned. It sits lower than the top of the bar and is much better protected. It has a lifetime crash replacement warranty. It looks much cleaner than having a computer mounted on the bars. Style matters:)

Note: I did recently manage to break my mount. A stupid tumble on a trail I've ridden a ton and a perfect direct hit. Aside from the computer, nothing else took a hit. The mount broke, but the computer came out A okay. I think the plastic mount is a better choice than metal mounts since they would be much less forgiving in the same circumstance. I sent in the warranty form, a photo, and $7 and they've got a new mount on the way.

Assos Chamois Creme

The deep, dark secret to lots of saddle time. After you get over feeling like you shartted in your chamois and the cooling mint tingle kicks in, the miles of sitting on your ass roll by easily. This stuff saves lots of embarrassing bow-legged walking and scratching. What more needs to be said.


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