Seeking new experiences, learning, discovering. Experimentation. These things have always been a part of my life. Recent reflection has been teaching me the answers to the question I never thought to ask. To what I've taken for granted and at face value.

Why is experimentation important?

Part of the answer is simple fun. Boredom and stagnation is not fun. Switching gears prevents both.

Another large piece of the answer, and one that I failed to recognize for too long, is avoidance. Experimentation, particularly with physical activities, offered a way to avoid dealing with depression in any sort of healthy manner. Having my eyes opened to this fact has become an epiphany. Becoming aware of when the experience isn't for the sake of itself is a powerful tool, one that's led to  greater joy all pursuits. 

Learning to manage depression in ways that don't require exhaustive physical activity has allowed energy to be focused towards equally, or more, fulfilling ventures such as photography, this blog, appreciating and enjoying music, a simple walk in the sun with another, time spent with friends, grinding and making morning coffee, meditation. 


There has been a change in the physical aspects, as well. Not pushing for speed, time, difficulty, etc...Doing it for the simple joy, the puzzle, the balance, the mental control, the adventure of unknown ground. All increase the depth of my experience and opens the door for experimentation. 

In that vein, a camera has become a constant companion. Making the effort to bring it on whatever adventure, from a quick afternoon ride or a multi-day trip to rainy drives around town, the camera is worthwhile.

Memories have a way of fading, but flipping through photos brings them rushing back. I've found it helps to slow me down, to look and enjoy.

And there's a huge depth of knowledge to learn. Figuring out how to capture a scene in the way it appears to my eye and save it for the future is frustrating and rewarding. Part of the equation is the camera lens. So I'm experimenting.

Travis, experimenting and learning
Late night or early morning?

All of the shots on this post were with a wide angle 12mm or greater then 200mm zoom. No in between.




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