Snowy Musings


I'm leaving in 24 hours for a 12 day packraft trip down 225 miles of the Grand Canyon and have yet to actually pack. Yes, I'm stressing. But I wanted to share some photos of the last few weeks. Thus, this post is telling more of the story via photos with words filling in holes.

"I can't believe I skied that!!" She made it look good, too
El Nino has continued to be kind to those of us in the rocky mountain region. Perfect, light snow hasn't stopped falling, which is atypical for the mid-winter pattern.

Going up

New pets

On the summit. Mt. Quandary

And going down

First winter 14er and 14er ski. Won't be the last

I've been taking advantage of our frozen precipitation at every opportunity.

A rocky start
Finding the way

The Fritz Hut is open

Days have included fun powder shots in familiar favorites, ski tours in new locations, and a couple of ice pitches among the red walls and cactus. All have been smile inducing.

We had an excess of food and wine

Warm, dry feet


Combat skiing out

Our feelings

The goods


Not the only one

Only a glimpse of the other side

A handful of photos and one short day out have me longing for more time in the desert mountains to the west.

that feeling of being watched...

Travis stealing my shot

We couldn't have asked for a better guide. She's never without a smile

Magical light

Skiing the luge out in twilight was the most dangerous part of the day.

There's something special about climbing ice in the desert.

Never forgiving, even in ice boots 

Contrast. Sun. Shadow. Rock. Snow. Warmth. Ice.

Thank you, Keri, for all your help.


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