Life Lived: Weeks 6-15

When I wrote my first blog post three years ago, I had a list of reasons stating why I took the plunge.

From July 2013:
1. Keep track of life events
2. Creative Outlet
3. Take more photos
4. Share the fun
5. Act as a training and race log

Honestly, the blog was primarily a journal about me and my bike racing. It was ego driven: bragging about results, photos of me racing, stories about training. It was proof to potential sponsors that I could represent their brand in a visible manner. During that time, the stated reason's for the blog's existence weren't very well represented.

Fast forward a few years, throw in a new camera, remove the racing, reset a forgotten password for the blog, and erase #5 from the list.

Now that original list works.

Writing a post is something I enjoy, though a desire to craft something that has meaning to me is stressful and a single post may take weeks to publish. Once a post is complete and shared, a sense of pride and/or satisfaction rises, making the process worth the time.

Thus far, the majority of posts have been created around specific events, trips, or seasons. Though, events, trips, and seasons will always inspire posts, reality is that routine day rides/floats/runs/etc...fill many more of my life's days.

As such, many of the images recorded onto my SD cards are products of ordinary life and don't see the greater world extending beyond the confines of a hard drive. Most of the experiences and memories don't go outside of the friends who they were shared with. And then, much of those fade as proceeding days are filled with more of these "normal" activities.

I'd like to continue developing this personal creative outlet. I'd like to write more, capture more images, learn, explore, grow. Improvement won't happen without putting in the time and ~one post a month doesn't allow for much growth. So in an effort to bolster this desire, I'm going to make a much better attempt at writing and publishing a post more consistently. Twice a month is the goal. Perhaps photos with a short description will tell the story, perhaps words will fill space between photos and they'll complement one another.

Life Lived: x-x

Whatever is published will cover the time frame named in the title. Simple.

Let's amend the original list by replacing #5.

#5. To inspire: 
a. Myself to continue with this process
b. Family and friends to visit
c. Passersby to say "wow" and fuel their desire for new experiences 

It's out there, waiting


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