Life Lived: Weeks 16-20

We have been in the midst of a spring that feels more damp and gray than is typical. Days to ride bikes or be on trails have been numbered, as many of our days off work are too wet and local trails turn into clay with peanut butter's consistency. Plans have been changed and changed again. Though we've made trips to escape the gloom, getting out of town isn't always feasible and pent up energy can lead to frustration. Despite this, there are benefits to our weather.

April, and now May, showers do bring color and life to the desert in the form of wild flowers. The abundant pinks, greens, yellows, reds, and oranges make it easier to slow down and savor the limited opportunities to be outside. Each flower seems like a gift.

Rainy days provide a perfect opportunity to spend time learning new skills, readying soil and planting a garden, or studying.

Portraits=trying something new


After years of study and school work come to an end, stormy weather can't dampen a celebration or hinder time spent with friends and family.

Roomies breaking in the Bocce set

NP of Honor
Family game. Though I got the shot I desired, perhaps the better photo would have the family in focus. Learning

Then there's melt water that begins pouring out of the mountains, filling my head with dreams of whitewater and beautiful places otherwise not experienced.

With sunny skies in the coming forecast, we will be returning to outdoor adventures. Hopefully lessons learned and experiences had during this rainy time will leave lasting impressions and keep our eyes open to the joys of routine life.

Pre-party nap
Meowzers hoping for a trip to sunnier places 
Eye of the Tiger
Winning toss
Party lights


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