Fading Spring

As twilight's final grasp slips over the eastern horizon, Denver's skyscrapers fade from view and all goes dark. Cheers from 9,500 people rise and fall like patient surfers waiting on a wave. A guitar's unmistakable sound fills the amphitheater and I cannot remember if the crowd grew louder or if all became quiet.

It was my second time visiting Denver in the five years I've lived in Colorado and my first time going to Red Rocks Amphitheater. The venue, the crowd, the light, and The Lumineers mix in perfect portions and are more intoxicating than the beer ever could be. Before the last cords of the opening song end, I know this won't be my last experience with Red Rocks.

Extreme Moose Tracks:)
Keri boosts her confidence and skill with every ride
That trip to the front range will be the concluding activity of our spring. In a handful of days we'll be heading back over the Continental Divide en-route to Iceland, where Keri and I will be bikepacking for 20 days. Upon our return, summer will be in full swing and we'll say goodbye to our sweltering desert home and beloved trails. Instead, we'll be chasing the mythical yeti in it's alpine home.

Summer's coming will not be unwanted. Our prolonged cool spring ended abruptly with temperatures jumping into the mid 90s, skipping the transitional 80s. Trickling streams became seething rivers overnight and hopes of boating vanished in the turbulence of the current. Escaping to the mountains isn't yet an option, as they're still too covered in snow to allow travel on two wheels.

Once we return, I'm excited for alpine singletrack snaking along mountainsides of wild flowers and the rush of riding through tunnels of aspens. I'm excited to pluck tomatoes, squash, and other earthly treats from the garden. But first, I'm going to enjoy Iceland. Don't expect a second blog post this month, connectivity will be limited and we'll be busy enjoying the experience.


A proud Momma
Two new hummingbirds



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