Spring. Growth.

Spring. Growth.

These words compliment one another and become synonymous as those of us in the northern hemisphere begin our turn to the sun.

Shorts, t-shirts, sun, bikes, happy girl
Plants bloom, bear cubs stumble from their den, rivers swell, Stan's sealant dries out.

Urban Camping
Relationships, too, grow in spring's warmth.

And the mind?

Spring mountain biking is prime riding season in our desert home. Relatively moderate temperatures, longer days, bright florals contrasting with red rock, freshly tuned bikes, and pale legs abound at trailheads. Locals rush like lovers separated by a six month voyage to embrace favorite trails. Visitors from around the globe head to Moab, Sedona, and Grand Junction to test themselves in unforgiving, alien terrain of which we have no shortage.

Excitement is the catalyst for the mind's growth. Last year's skills and comfort level return quickly as our enthusiasm draws us to ride as frequently as possible. Confidence springs forth and we begin to wonder about new possibilities on the trail. With excited, fresh nerves it's much easier to pedal or drop into uncomfortable situations and nurture the mind.

Travis keeping it straight 
The other Jesse
Keri, Jesse (there's another one), Travis, and I all hooted and cheered each other as we took turns tackling doubt and discomfort in an effort to cultivate growth on recent rides. We all added up a few frequent flyer miles in the process.

Keri: MASSIVE growth with much more to come.

JSwell himself. Photo: Keri Gonna Be Selwyn

"Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say 'Fuck it.'" -Johnny Knoxville



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