Cause and Effect

Thanks to an unlucky hand, I've recently had to fold and step out of my favorite game.

Up to this point, I've had a fantastic spring season of riding that has been shared with numerous friends, both old and new. 

In my not too distant past, thoughts of an event that would greatly impact my activity was a scary prospect. Fears of being unable to cope and a spiral into depression were very real.

Thankfully, none of that has come to fruition. Instead of impossibilities I've only discovered possibilities.

These initial days find me off work, off the bike, unable to run or hike, and with many hours to fill. Photos ignored, set aside, and saved for rainy days have been brought into sunlight with these figurative rainy days.

April showers
Keri's support has played no small role in keeping spirits up; she's joining me for trail runs, opening packages of cookies, and spoon feeding us both ice cream.

Smiles for miles

She has also continued to ride her bike, returning to the house grinning and giddy, telling of all the features she rode. In many cases, she's been showing the boys how it's done. Her happiness is contagious. I love sharing it with her.

Cause #1
Cause #2
Always this Effect


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