Roadtrip with a Hitch

Some may remember seeing a certain photo this past fall.

Yep, that's the one.

Fast forward a number of months and handful of seasons and we found ourselves loading the car with cases of libations, yard games, bikes, and other items for our road trip wedding.

The destination? Tulsa, OK then on to Eureka Springs, AR.

Months of planning was about to come to fruition and thus far everything had seemed too easy. What were we forgetting? Oh yes! Tables and chairs for 50 people. With 14 days to go, that was a close one.

We'd run or bike or paddle or spelunk to discover what the Ozarks had to offer. 

Mostly, we'd spend time with friends and newly adopted families.

Our wedding day was nothing less than perfect. Keri and I both agreed that we wouldn't have changed a single thing, except to have some how slowed the day down. The love and joy spread around that day passed too quickly, but we are grateful to have shared it with all those surrounding us.

Of greatest importance is that I get to share that love and joy each and every day with my best friend, my partner in all things, and now my wife. 


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