Since we got Rita the Casita in August, we've racked up close to 30 nights being the yolk within her shell. Add in another 5 nights spent floating down Cataract Canyon and it becomes apparent why the pile of leaves on our curb is chest high. 

With our latest block of free time we entertained thoughts of Sedona and mountain bike trails, but as the time grew closer packing felt daunting. 

Our hearts simply desired to remain home. Meowzer's meows yearned for our presence, too.

Where we live and all it offers can be too easily taken for granted. Encountering visitors from around the world on our trails and in nearby parks is a reminder of why we are here.

So it was to be a staycation.

We'd begin a home project, tend to feline battle wounds, day trip for seasonal activities, catch a local sunrise, and enjoy this beautiful place we call home.

No matter where we travel, there's no place like home.


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