Rita Roadtrip: Squamish

A short walk on the Oregon Trail

We've finally made it onto the road for our summer trip. What has been a thought for nearly a year gradually gained momentum and now we find ourselves in Squamish, BC. Rita is on her first journey across international borders and has the Passport stamp to prove it. She'll also have a new water pump.....

Wow, what incredible trails. In the years most were developed, it is sobering to think about the bikes their creators were riding. BOLD.

Coastal Rainforest=green, really green

We've each teetered our way over a few of the famous granite slabs, which are surprisingly grippy when wet, becoming ecstatically giddy from fear and evading consequence. We do each wear a couple of bumps and bruises.

Top 10? 5?
Keri is killing it! She has been riding sections of trail that I though were difficult and she's been doing many of them blind, meaning on the fly without knowledge of what lays ahead. Now we are mentally tired and ready for a day of rest to allow these experiences to sink in and sprout.


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