Start Gate

After saying it to myself many times, I've gone and done it-started this blog. I'm sure my reasons are not that different from other's, but you've got to have something to write about it and reasoning seems like a good place to start.

1. Keep track of life events- This seems to be a nice way to record some of the more significant events/adventures. As I look through photos locked away in iPhoto periodically, I realize I/we've done a lot of great stuff. The memories fade away. Even at 30.

2. Creative Outlet- There was a time I enjoyed writing. Why not rediscover this? Instead of spending an hour browsing the web for S&Gs (you, the reader can figure that one out), I can do something mentally productive and accomplish the goals laid out here. Win win!

3. Take more photos- This is closely related to reason #1. Photos are a great reminder of things past.

4. Share the fun- I can call my parents and tell them how much fun we're having, but I can't or don't call everyone. This is a handy tool that allows sharing with all. Preschool teachers everywhere are rejoicing over that one, I'm sure. Maybe of few family and friends will see all the fun stuff and say, "wow, lets go visit and have some fun with them."

5. Act as a training log of sorts- Not sure how this will actually be implemented yet. Stay tuned

That's good enough reasoning for now.

What can you the reader expect from this blog? Good question. I will have a minimum of one post per week and will include at least 2 photos of the week. How's that for a modest starting point.

Hope you enjoy it


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