Travis, and I made a trip to Durango so I could get a look at one of the trails used for Big Mountain Enduro #4, Kennebec Pass. The race isn't until Labor Day weekend, but its never too early to start "practicing."

The Kennebec Pass trail is the last 22ish miles of the Colorado Trail that stretches from Denver to Durango. It starts from 11,700ft among the currently popping wild flowers and drops a total of 6700ft back to Durango. There's a minor climb in the middle to keep things honest.

Racing this trail is gonna HURT. Despite the huge vertical drop, this trail has huge sections of pedaling. Short, punchy ups to fry your lungs and legs that transition into long sections of "please, make it stop" rolling terrain.

As it will be an enduro race, the trail is broken up into stages. Stage 1 is from the top of the pass to Junction Creek and is roughly 7 miles. Stage 2 is a 4 mile climb to the start of the final stage and doesn't count to your overall race time. Stage 3 will be a true test one's will to suffer. 11 miles of pedal till you puke, redline output. It's safe to say racing this trail is going to be a lot less fun than our casual practice ride!


  1. Awesome man... Durango looks beautiful! I hoping to make it for round 4

  2. #4 will be a lot of fun! True BC riding


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